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Music Video "Jomon" screening at Silent Green with Hatis Noit

The music video “Jomon,” created with Hatis Noit, was screened before her performance at in Berlin on January 20th, followed by a short Q&A with Robert Raths from Erased Tapes Records📹✨It was an honor to share some stories behind the video and to open the performance🙏Although I initially felt nervous (public speaking being one of my top three nightmares😮), the beautiful time spent with Hatis Noit and the warm atmosphere of the audience melted away my anxiety💭💙I ended up speaking confidently in front of 300 people, marking a surprising personal discovery for me! The positive feedback we received for the music video was heartening, and I’m honored to be part of this experience. And, a funny thing, I hear that some are mimicking the Frogolotls’ 🐸🦎awakening move from our video (which I do too). Many thanks to @hatis_noit and @erasedtapesrecords for making this dream come true. Much appreciation and love to all involved.

I am planning to share my research and the process for making the video soon. Stay tuned!🙏🌋🌄


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