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Interview with Notch VFX

My interview with Notch VFX has been published. A few months ago, I had an email from Jake Triola about featuring a project on Notch's official webpage. It was a happy surprise since Notch was one of my favorite software, and it was also a confirmation that their team appreciated my work. A few months later, Jake contacted me again to feature me in their artist interview session. I happily accepted and did a video interview with Jake, and here is the transcription that I'm happy to share!

This interview made me reflect on my roots and what I want to say as an artist. It was a great opportunity again for me to ponder again. I also learned to be more confident and open to expressing my thoughts to the public. I was shy to post my face publicly as well, but as an artist, I didn't want to hold back anymore, and this profile pic is something I made recently to honor this moment.

Interview here:


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