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a gateway to the other realm

ongoing artist research

Ritual object and corporal body become one, and catapult to a dimension beyond time or history.

- Sergio Rodriguez-Blanco

This ongoing research explores the relationship of Homosapiens or ‘human’ and the use of masks in its current digital nature, including digital avatars, AR face filters and the relationship of Masks as a crucial sacred tool for a spiritual connection to the gods, nature, and the cosmos in ancient traditions and ass a reflective tool to draw upon to seek and search what it means to be ‘human’ in this increasingly digitized way of life. In a world in which a single person can hold multiple identities coexisting together with bots and A.I, this project explores our relationship and the use of masks to reveal a symbiotic relationship with the self and digital nature while seeking authenticity, and rediscovering the root within.

What does it mean to be Human? 

The descent to the physical world is also a reconfirmation of the foundation of the civilian plan. Reconfirmation of one's place, which is a different realm from sublimation to the divine world.       


- Kohei Sugiura


神界への昇華とは次元を異にした、 自己の場の再確。


- 杉浦公平

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