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NAOWAO x Mert Gencer (lowkolos)

Exhibited at THE ROOM CONTEMPORARY ART SPACE, Venice, Italy 2020

Publication on ART CONNECT magazine - Digital Media: Tenderness and Aggression 2020

"Untold Story" is a single-channel video work. Through the form of audio-visual animation, using a form of an avatar as the main character, it explores the peculiar relationship between human beings and the use of masks. The project was inspired by how the role of masks is used to create prismatic identities in digital space. The audio track is designed with a single woman's voice, which was altered to create multiple character voices.

Whether physical, digital, or invisible, masks are a necessary tool that have become a part of us as social beings. The mask hides and, at the same time, reveals the self that lies inside. It is necessary to seek the inside to reveal the true self in order to understand our nature. When seeking the true nature of the individual, will the current abundance of both physical and digital diverse masks complicate this process, or will it aid the process by revealing more of the true self?

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