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Infinite Fashion 


with Cult


Conceived by Cult Futures and aimed at exploring the infinite possibilities of fashion in the Metaverse in partnership with digital atelier DressX and i-D

The Tattooed Phoenix

This avatar portrays how a tattoo can become in the future. I wish it could come alive and become an element of a garment where the distinction of the skin, tattoo, and garment becomes blurred. The symbol of the phoenix and the dragon is a metaphor for yin and yang. The tattoo can be like a floating armor bringing balance and harmony to the wearer, making them into a higher being where the spirit is in balance.

The Many Masked Avatar

This avatar has 4 arms each holding a mask focused on the darker side of emotions: Destruction, Deception, Rage, and Sad Smile. The main dress is a kimono cut, a reference to theatrical costumes, in which the act of wearing the masks transforms the wearer into a deity. I wanted to reexamine the stereotypical meaning of beauty, and the masks can become a shield that makes us stronger while revealing a hidden part inside us.


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