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“The Arts of Subversion is a short film series

dedicated to exploring underground art.

In Tokyo, we meet four artists devoted to their craft.”



”A short film series dedicated to exploring avant-garde and radical art forms, this episode of The Arts of Subversion traverses the landscape of underground culture in Tokyo, Japan. We meet four artists whose significant work pushes the boundaries of legality and social convention: a tattooist specializing in yokai designs, two sculptors who both work within the realm of death and spirit, as well as a Shibari, rope bondage, artist. The philosophies of each creator are shared in their words accompanying beautiful shots of their pieces and working space. Lovers of subversive and radical culture will be shown a unique facet of Tokyo's creative voices.”


More story at Tattoodoo

Producer / Director : Justine Morrow
Cinematographer : NAOWAO
Soundtrack Composer : Torrey Silvi
Artist : Ganji / Tokyo Jesus / Hajime Kinoko / Midori Hayashi

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