Yokai no Me




In the world of Neo-Asia, forgotten spirits are born from technological gadgets becoming Yokai- supernatural entities and spirits in Japanese folklore.





-視線 -


CCTV x Edo period clock Yokai. This no-gender yokai may be your ally or your enemy. Who knows who they work for.


Design 1: The yokai's name SHISEN 視線 is written together with the year 1984. Two sides of a story.

Design 2: The eye tattoo on the yokai's hands gives a mythical and astrological link to this yokai's power
"Past , Present, Future"

Design 3: The eyeball pattern of the kimono jacket shows the infinite amount of CCTV in the town
"We are here to serve you 🙏."

Outfit design collaboration with
Maaike Van Den Abbeele

Initicial sketches

Inspirations / references