Notification Eater

-通知食べ -


This nocturnal yokai will crawl into your bed and won't let you sleep until you feed him as many notifications as he wants.

Notification eater appears during the dead of night, causing one's insomnia. He will keep coming back if your phone is on during the night. 

TSUCHI (0-00-09-02).png

"More, more. Tasty notification."


Design 1: The yokai's name SHISEN 視線 is written together with the year 1984. Two sides of a story.

Design 2: The eye tattoo on the yokai's hands gives a mythical and astrological link to this yokai's power
"Past , Present, Future"

Design 3: The eyeball pattern of the kimono jacket shows the infinite amount of CCTV in the town
"We are here to serve you 🙏."

Outfit design collaboration with
Maaike Van Den Abbeele

Initicial sketches

Inspirations / references