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2. Ritual

The act of ritual allows us to connect to the unseen, the spirits existing in this realm and the other. 


Somma R. (1980) Dance scene [Photograph]. Smithsonian Natural History Museum. URL.

In the rich tapestry of human history, song and dance have played essential roles in numerous ceremonies and rituals, seamlessly weaving together the tangible realm of the physical and the spiritual. They act as meaningful conduits to honor our roots and forge connections beyond the material realm with a profound embrace of nature's influence. The act of ritual allows us to connect to the unseen, the spirits existing in this realm and the other. 
This theme naturally links to Hatis Noit's name, derived from the symbolism of the lotus flower's stem. The lotus roots symbolize the connection between the real and the spiritual realm, seamlessly blending tangible and spiritual aspects within the Jomon world.
The Jomon world is based on the theme of dancing and singing rituals connecting two worlds.


Conniff, R. (2018). Depiction of humans dancing in East Kalimantan [Photograph]. strange behaviours

A scene from Jomon: The Frogolotls tribe dances in a circle


Animism is a belief system recognizing spirits or souls in all living and non-living things. It fosters a deep connection with nature and offers a way to reconnect with the natural world, appreciate its beauty, and cultivate a sense of belonging and reverence.

Animism was a core concept in building the Jomon world, where all beings are connected from the seen to the unseen.

As the ancient poet Sansei Yamao expressed, calling "the earth a kami, water a kami," imbuing the natural world with sacred life provides a profound guiding philosophy. By venerating the elemental forces around us—the soil that nurtures life, the rivers and oceans that flow in a perpetual cycle—we can rekindle a reverence for nature that many have lost in our modern age. This animistic worldview highlights a path forward for those who have become distanced and disconnected from the environment that sustains us.

A scene from Jomon: The Sea Chromo tribe drinks the potion made from their surroundings

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