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A music video for Hatis Noit
Research and process by NAOWAO

The music video “Jomon'' weaves a tale of a profound ritual where different living beings come to life, led by the guiding hand of a shamanic Hatis Noit. Together with NAOWAO’s character design, CG animation, and ethereal sequences, “Jomon'' emerges as a myth, where the spiritual and natural worlds converge in a captivating celebration of life and death.

“Jomon” blurs the boundaries between the living and spirit worlds, guided by Hatis Noit’s enchanting voice and the mesmerizing singing and dancing of the creatures. The film builds up to a climactic final scene, creating a thread that connects two worlds reminiscent of the lotus thread, signifying the universal connection between all spirits. 


Jomon by Hatis Noit

Direction + Concept: NAOWAO

3D Character + Environment Design: NAOWAO
Lead 3D Modeler: NAOWAO
3D Character Modeler: Javier de Jesús Cárdenas Hernandez / Talha Khan
3D Garment Modeler by SGI Creator
Garment support: Maaike Van Den Abbeele

Lead 3D Animator: NAOWAO
3D Animator: Seres Animation Studio
Rigging: Seres Animation Studio / amna_3d

Creature choreographer: Sung-im Her

Executive Producer: Robert Raths

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