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A movie for Hatis Noit.

The music video “Jomon'' weaves a tale of a profound ritual where different living beings come to life, led by the guiding hand of a shamanic Hatis Noit. Together with NAOWAO’s character design, CG animation, and ethereal sequences, “Jomon'' emerges as a myth, where the spiritual and natural worlds converge in a captivating celebration of life and death.

Concept + Design by NAOWAO

This enchanting ritual, depicted in the film, draws inspiration from two core concepts - Hatis Noit’s name origin and the ancient Jomon culture of Japan, dating back approximately 16,000 years. Hatis Noit’s name, derived from the lotus flower and its root, symbolizes the profound connection between the living and spirit worlds. Simultaneously, the Jomon culture emphasizes the harmony between humans and nature, echoing a universal interconnectedness found in cultures worldwide. The Jomon people held meaningful rituals, suggesting a belief in rebirth and reincarnation. By harmoniously blending these elements, the film crafts a captivating and spiritual celebration of the life-death cycle, led by the enchanting voice of Hatis Noit, portraying the interconnectedness of all living beings and the importance of maintaining harmony with the spiritual world.

The avatar of Hatis Noit in the video represents youthful energy and a pure connection with nature, with her hair and attire infused with elements from the Jomon period. The patterns, echoing those found in Jomon pottery, draw inspiration from natural elements like water, wind, and air, reflecting the lush landscapes and ritual artifacts seen throughout the film. The execution of the garment was created in collaboration with SGI Creator and Maaike Van Den Abbeele. The antennas on Hatis Noit’s forehead connect her to an otherworldly existence, mirroring the creatures seen in other scenes, coiling and swirling to create similar organic shapes.

The film introduces four distinct creature tribes inspired by nudibranchs, amphibians, reptiles, and insects. Each of these tribes embodies the symbolism of reproduction, fertility, and the cycle of life. The Sea Chromo tribe, reminiscent of vibrant sea slugs, symbolizes the celebration of life for all living beings. Their non-gendered reproductive system and adaptability showcase the diversity of life. The Frogolotls tribe, a fusion of axolotls and frogs, embodies metamorphosis and reproduction, beautifully captured in their ceremonial dance that resonates with the cycle of life and death. A choreographer and performer, Sung Im Her, created a choreography that connected the spirits of the creatures and the music. We animated he Frogolotls to match the videos taken from Sung Im’s movements, and their ceremony came to life. The Snake Dragon tribe transforms from snakes into majestic dragons, symbolizing metamorphosis, transformation, and the life cycle. Finally, the Teno, a magical praying mantis, pays homage to a special moment of inspiration from a mantis dancing on Hatis Noit’s arm while she sang in Portuguese.

“Jomon” blurs the boundaries between the living and spirit worlds, guided by Hatis Noit’s enchanting voice and the mesmerizing singing and dancing of the creatures. The film builds up to a climactic final scene, creating a thread that connects two worlds reminiscent of the lotus thread, signifying the universal connection between all spirits. This video's visual style embodies a realm of stylized fantasy, immersing the audience in a mystical, otherworldly experience that taps into our shared human spirit. Ritual, dance, and singing serve as the cornerstone of the story, forging a magnetic force that resonates with people from all walks of life, uniting us in a celebration of all life. “Jomon” is not just a music video; it’s a magnetic force that can relate to different people and energy that runs through us but feels the same thing that unites us all—a celebration of all life.


Direction + Concept: NAOWAO

3D Character + Environment Design: NAOWAO
Lead 3D Modeler: NAOWAO
3D Character Modeler: Javier de Jesús Cárdenas Hernandez / Talha Khan
3D Garment Modeler by SGI Creator
Garment support: Maaike Van Den Abbeele

Lead 3D Animator: NAOWAO
3D Animator: Seres Animation Studio
Rigging: Seres Animation Studio / amna_3d

Creature choreographer: Sung-im Her

Executive Producer: Robert Raths

Hatis Noit

The Sea Chromo Tribe

The Frogolotls Tribe

The Teno Tribe

The Sea Dragon Tribe

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