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CORALOGIC is an audio-visual work created specifically for METAXIS media festival at Lumiere Hall in St. Petersburg, Russia. Inspired by corals' aquatic life, sea anemone, and underwater environments, CORALOGIC invites the viewers for an intimate experience.


METAXIS FESTIVAL curated by Anastasia

3D Documentation of CORALOGIC

The diverse and versatile coloration species hold receptive and responsive body features, forming a sustainable ecosystem that has been evolving from ancient times.

3 (1).jpg

The audio design comes from a subaquatic sound recording base made in the Caribbean, mixed with ambient musical compositions. To show the world of silence, the atmosphere between quietness and anxiety invites the spectator to a peculiar world but essential to our human space's survival. The project reveals the inaudible and the hidden sounds to humans from the aquatic biodiversity. The audio consists of mixing geo-phony, everything of a non-organic nature such as waves, the cracking of the pack ice, and bio-phony gathering sounds emitted by marine animals: fish, mammals and invertebrates, corals. These are the sounds that make up the underwater acoustic landscapes, sound testimonies of ocean environments' diversity and richness.

The combination of the audio and visual brings out the biodiverse marine environments as an experience.

With a 360 degree largest projection space in Russia, this experience is meditative and immersive, engaging with the viewer's eye direction. The minimal patterns inspired by marine life, are translated to create underwater environments, which is similarly fused to reflect the geo-phony.


 The spectator enters the symbiotic aquatic life cycle.

Photo credit: METAXIS

Visuals by NAOWAO


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