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Bliss ~Swerve~

The story is inspired by the theory of Ying and Yang, an idea of dualism. An approach in which opposing forces are interconnected, symbiotic, and inevitable to co-exist together.  Unity and duality should not conflict. When the two forces balance, wholeness leads to the next level.


Thanks to the amazing crews and casts,  Bliss ~Swerve~ has won several awards and has been nominated for several festivals. 

Music Producer●HAI
Actor●Steffie Harner / K. Monique
DoP●John Donica
1st AC●Anthony Rilocapro
2nd AC●Hai Le
Costume Designer●Maaike Van Den Abbeele / Yayoi Takahata / Tomomi Kawano
AD●Yuri Sato
VFX / 3D Artist●NAOWAO
VFX Assistant●Marian Nistiriuc
Gaffer●Lisa Koski (Panicball Pro)
Best Boy●Ice Elloso / Mariko Tateno
Hair and Makeup●Yukiko Sumi
Production Assistant●Aaron Yamashita
Photographer●Boa Campbell
Behind the Scenes●Maximilian Wohllaib

Initial rough concept sketches.


3D scene experiments.

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